Watch: Prince Charles Joins Sword Dance in Saudi Arabia

Prince Charles, center, wearing traditional Saudi uniform, dances with a sword during the traditional Saudi dancing best known as 'Arda' performed during Janadriya culture festival at Der'iya in Riyadh, Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014. Prince Charles arrived in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on a private visit.  (AP Photo/Fayez Nureldine,

Prince Charles wears a traditional Saudi uniform. (AP Photo/Fayez Nureldine, pool)

No one ever said it is easy to be a royal. Prince Charles constantly finds himself having to don costumes, handle props and sample exotic gourmet treats while making official appearances.

His latest public performance involved desultorily swinging a sword, but only for ceremonial and cross-cultural friendship purposes.

On Tuesday (Feb. 18), he garbed himself in traditional Arab robes and swayed and waved a ceremonial sword while taking part alongside male members of the Saudi Arabian royal family in an “Ardah” (sword dance) in a stadium Riyadh.

“The ceremony was performed to celebrate the Janadriyah Festival, an annual cultural event lasting 17 days which marks all aspects of Saudi life and is being held this week in Riyadh,” according to a report on the Prince of Wales’ official website.

Prince Charles first visited Saudi Arabia in 1986; this was his tenth official tour of the country. He will also be visiting Qatar on this trip.

Here’s a video clip of Prince Charles dancing, none too enthusiastically:

What do you think of his moves?

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