Snapshot: 12 Photos of Glasgow, Scotland

We made a visit to Doctor Who’s turf in Cardiff, Wales with this snapshot back in October 2013. Let’s take a spin around Peter Capaldi‘s hometown of Glasgow, Scotland, with this snapshot of 12 photos:

George Square and City Chambers dating from 1888, Glasgow, Scotland. (Patrick Dieudonne/Robert Harding /AP Images)

The Glasgow City Chambers dates back to 1888. (Patrick Dieudonne/Robert Harding/AP Images)

Auditorium (Armadillo), Glasgow, Scotland. Photo by: Rolf Richardson/Robert Harding /AP Images

The Clyde Auditorium is affectionately known as the Armadillo. (Rolf Richardson/Robert Harding/AP Images)

St. Mungo's Cathedral from southeast, Glasgow, Scotland. Photo by: Nick Servian/Robert Harding /AP Images

The first stone built Glasgow Cathedral, St. Mungo Church of Scotland, was dedicated in the presence of King David I in 1136. (Nick Servian/Robert Harding/AP Images)

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow, Scotland. (Nick Servian/Robert Harding /AP Images)

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is one of the top three free-to-enter visitor destinations in Scotland. (Nick Servian/Robert Harding/AP Images)

Glasgow School of Art, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Glasgow, Scotland. (Adam Woolfitt/Robert Harding /AP Images)

The Glasgow School of Art was designed by famed architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. (Adam Woolfitt/Robert Harding/AP Images)

Glasgow Town Hall and monument, George Square, Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by: Travel Pix/Robert Harding /AP Images)

George Square is named after King George III and is home to Glasgow Town Hall and monument. (Travel Pix/Robert Harding /AP Images)

Barras Flea Market on Saturdays, Glasgow, Scotland. (adid Levy/Robert Harding /AP Images)

The Barras Flea Market is topped up with rare finds, as seen here on a typical Saturday. (Yadid Levy/Robert Harding /AP Images)

Gallery of Modern Art, Queen Street, Glasgow, Scotland. (Patrick Dieudonne/Robert Harding /AP Images)

The Gallery of Modern Art is housed in a building constructed in 1778. (Patrick Dieudonne/Robert Harding/AP Images)

People walking on Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Scotland. (Yadid Levy/Robert Harding /AP Images)

Buchanan Street is a major shopping area in Glasgow with familiar stores like Zara and Urban Outfitters. (Yadid Levy/Robert Harding/AP Images)

Glasgow University, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland. (Rolf Richardson/Robert Harding /AP Images)

Glasgow University was founded in 1451 making it the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world. (Rolf Richardson/Robert Harding/AP Images)

Town Hall, George Square, Glasgow, Scotland. (Yadid Levy/Robert Harding /AP Images)

A statue of inventor James Watt, credited for creating the modern steam engine, sits in George Square. (Yadid Levy/Robert Harding/AP Images)

Provand's Lordship, oldest house in town dating from 1471, Glasgow, Scotland. (Patrick Dieudonne/Robert Harding /AP Images)

Provand’s Lordship is the oldest house in town dating back to 1471. (Patrick Dieudonne/Robert Hardin /AP Images)

Any plans to make a visit to Glasgow, Scotland?

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