Personality Quiz: How Would You Die In Victorian England?

Jerome Flynn, Matthew Macfadyen, and Adam Rothenberg from 'Ripper Street' (Photo: BBC AMERICA)

Jerome Flynn, Matthew Macfadyen, and Adam Rothenberg from ‘Ripper Street’ (Photo: BBC AMERICA)

Victorian crime drama Ripper Street has made a welcome return to BBC AMERICA, with people meeting their ends in all manner of unpleasant and gory ways. However, while life in Victorian London was far from safe, serial killers were not the only cause of fatality at the time.

So, assuming you could have dodged the vicious cut-throats and footpads, and steer clear of being run over by carriages and trampled by horses, what sort of fatal problems would you have been most likely to encounter?

Well, let’s find out the hard way, shall we?

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Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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