Personality Quiz: Which British Villain Are You?

Andrew Scott as Moriarty in Sherlock

Andrew Scott as Moriarty in ‘Sherlock’

The Brits are famous (nay infamous) for playing baddies on TV shows and in the movies. That deadly combination of lethal intelligence, no compassion and the egotistical need to monologue when you have the good guy handcuffed to a chair are an essential part of the British character.

Or, as Jaguar like to put it:

And being a villain is clearly a lot of fun, especially if you are untroubled by conscience or any of that boring stuff.

The only question is, which villain are you? Are you an all-conquering despot or a amoral crime lord with a low boredom threshold? Given the chance, would you rule the world, strip it of all of its valuables, or destroy it?

Only one way to find out… take our quiz!

Note: no actual kittens were harmed in the making of this quiz.

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