LOOK: It’s Loki vs The Stig!

The Stig and Tom Hiddleston, 'Top Gear' (All pics: Mark Yeoman)

The Stig and Tom Hiddleston, ‘Top Gear’ (All pics: Mark Yeoman)

It’s about time these two mythical creatures were brought face to face in a battle of speed, skill and not crashing.

One silent and dignified, the other proud and verbose (and prone to being biffed into next week by the Hulk).

The Stig and Tom Hiddleston face off

Yes, it’s Tom Hiddleston, and he’s going to be haring around the Top Gear track in a reasonably-priced car. No doubt he will hammer the opposition.

Oh no, that’s Thor, isn’t it.

The Stig and Tom Hiddleston

Tom’s trip around the track will air on BBCAMERICA at 8:30pm ET on Monday February 17.

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