Idris Elba Creates a Global Man Panic

Idris Elba in 'Pacific Rim'

The very manly Idris Elba in ‘Pacific Rim’

Men, it is time to put down your secret shame. Today we stand as one proud gender and leave behind the hobbling weight of public expectation that sees Idris Elba venerated as the finest example of masculinity that could ever walk the earth, and try to piece together our shattered selves, so that we can try and provide some kind of love and comfort for the people that need us most.

It is time to stop apologizing for not being Idris Elba, and start being ourselves, no matter how much the pain of our Idrislessness may burn.

Let us be thankful to the Twitter poet @Nova_isig (who appears to have shut his account down), for setting the ball rolling with this thoughtful summation of his own non-Elba-tage:

Idris Elba poem by @Nova_isig

Which has prompted a glut of confessions across Twitter (trending globally, no less!) from men who no longer wish to live in the shadow of Stringer Bell from The Wire (or possibly Luther, from Luther).

Ladies, feast yourselves…








And my personal favorite:

Idris Elba didn’t write this blog post to emancipate mankind. That was me.

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