Is Gary Oldman Going To Be In The New ‘Star Wars’ Movie?

Overlooked so many times for awards while his showier, equally talented contemporary Daniel Day Lewis collected trophy after trophy, Oldman might finally have a shot at the podium for his feverishly lauded performance in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. (AP Photo/Sang Tan)

Gary Oldman (AP Photo/Sang Tan)

He certainly seems to think so.

In a recent interview with Sky Movies, Gary Oldman was asked the question a LOT of actors must be being asked right now: have you heard anything from JJ Abrams about the new Star Wars movie and are you in it (and if you are in it, tell us everything about it from start to finish leaving out no details no matter how trivial or inconsequential they may seem)?

Well, perhaps not the full-length version, but certainly something along those lines and his response was surprisingly candid, given the high level of security that tends to surround projects of this nature.

He said, cagily: “They’ve called. You know, I’m more cynical about it now. I’ll believe it when I’m on the plane home. The deal isn’t done, but yeah, they’ve inquired.”

Which, given that most of the high-ranking members of the Empire in the previous six films have all been British (or, in the case of Darth Vader, British with an American voice), would sort of indicate he’ll be playing a rotter, does it not?

In any case, even Gary is impressed at his own ability to end up in these huge franchises, exclaiming, “I mean Planet of the ApesHarry PotterBatman, and Star Wars… bloody hell!”

Bloody hell indeed.

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