Batmannequin: Christian Bale’s New Waxwork Is Unveiled

Christian Bale: Batmannequin (AP Images)

Christian Bale’s waxwork (AP Images)

Waxworks are amazing, aren’t they? Especially in the modern era, when it’s possible to spend your entire day—every day—looking at new pictures and movies of your favorite famous person in the world, the idea that anyone would want to travel to a place to see (sort of) lifelike approximations of their heroes and heroines is faintly laughable.

But also, the possibility of standing next to an inanimate object that looks (sort of) just like a hero or heroine, to such a degree that if you squint and let your mind wander it could actually BE them, is an enormously appealing one. And of course, then you have your picture taken and put that online and everything essentially balances out.

Should you be thinking of a visit to Madame Tussauds in London any time soon, you may be pleased to find there’s a new model of Christian Bale. It’s not Batman Bale or The Machinist Bale or even American Hustle Bale (although I’m sure Tussauds could borrow the padding and the wig and have a field day), but actual nowadays, ready-for-action Christian Bale.

Christian Bale's waxwork

He has taken his place among the greats too. Look, there’s Dame Judi Dench on the right, and on the left, TV’s Neil Patrick Harri… oh I’m so sorry, that’s Leonardo DiCaprio:

Christian Bale's waxwork

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