WATCH: Who Wants To See Tom Hiddleston Play Thor?

Let's face it, you're not really reading this caption, are you.

Let’s face it, you’re not really reading this caption, are you.

It’s not fair. Every day, it seems that Tom Hiddleston is either doing something interesting or did something interesting a while ago that we’re only just getting to hear about. The man’s an fascination factory, with an astonishing turnover of diverting news that shows no sign of abating.

So, the other day we found out he shot a scene for Thor: The Dark World as Loki playing Captain America, and now we discover that for the first Thor movie, he actually auditioned for the lead role: the topless, hammer-lobbing God of Thunder himself.

Of course, such a revelation would be of no interest if there wasn’t some kind of evidence to back them up, and luckily there is, in the form of an extra from the DVD/Blu Ray release of Thor: The Dark World.


Mind you, as fun as that was, can you imagine someone else in Loki’s horned hat? No thank you.

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