WATCH: Michelle Dockery Unleashes Mary Hell In ‘Tough Justice’

Michelle Dockery and Michael Chiklis in Tou...oh you can read it.

Michelle Dockery and Michael Chiklis in Tou…oh you can read it.

Because sometimes even the landed gentry have to roll up their sleeves and get out there on these godforsaken streets and do some serious solving of all of those blessed crimes you hear about.

Here’s a “trailer” for a “brand new series” (note: it’s on Funny Or Die) called Tough Justice, in which Michael Chiklis plays a hard-bitten cop, patrolling the grime-ridden, murderous streets of Chicago with his sidekick Connie Tough, played by Downton Abbey ‘sMichelle Dockery.

And don’t be thinking Michelle can’t handle the extreme change in pace, from Lady Mary to this all new action hero role. She’s got the chops, you had better believe it:

Oh, maybe not.

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