WATCH: The London Underground Sings Blur

"Hello? Copyright department? We've got a hot one!"

“Hello? Copyright department? We’ve got a hot one!”

Wherever you go on London’s Underground, you’ll hear the sound of music. There are buskers banging drums, buskers singing plangent ballads, buskers huffing on saxophones and buskers crooning big band ballads (without a band, big or otherwise).

And now it seems even the ticket barriers are getting in on the act. Take the fourth barrier along from the right at Canary Wharf. Always the bridesmaid to the showier second and first barriers, something of a wallflower, and criminally overlooked until recently, the fourth recently began singing the “whoo-hoo” refrain from Blur’s “Song 2″ to entertain commuters.

Luckily for posterity, eagle-eared YouTuber Ritch Ames captured the moment and then set it in its proper context:

There’s no hat for your loose change, however. And putting coins in the ticket slot will definitely have unfortunate consequences.

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Fraser McAlpine

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