WATCH: At Last! The Perfect Car To Relive Your Lost Youth

John Bitmead's Little Tykes car (pic: BBC News)

John Bitmead’s Little Tykes car (pic: BBC News)

Ever looked at a child’s toy and wished they made a bigger version for grown-ups? Be honest, you have, I have and so has your best friend’s dad.

So we should all doff our caps to John Bitmead, from Oxfordshire, who spent £4,000 taking a Daewoo Matiz and converting it to look exactly like a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. And that means no windows, red plastic bodywork, and a massive cup-holder.

John, his brother Geoff, and friend Nigel Douglas spent five months on the conversion, and their creation is fully roadworthy, even on British motorways, has a 800cc engine and can reach a top speed of 70mph.

John told Metro: “We were chatting one day about how more people have probably driven a Cozy Coupe than any other kind of car – and it snowballed from there.

“I love setting myself a challenge, and once I’d got the idea in my head, I was determined to see it through.”

Although if you fancy something similar yourself, you may wish to think carefully about where to drive it, as John explained: “We took it on the motorway once, but I’m too scared to do it again in case we cause an accident.”

And that would require grown-up boo-boo plasters and some fairly massive cookies.

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