Brit Binge Watching: Five Kate Winslet Films You Can View Online


Adele (Kate Winslet) relates to her captor (Josh Broslin) in Labor Day. (Paramount)

Kate Winslet has been out promoting her new film Labor Day, which hits cinemas today, January 31. She plays a single mom whose life is interrupted when she helps a wounded man (Josh Brolin) who turns out to be an escaped convict and he hides out in her home. The premise may sound alarming, but the story is actually about second chances.

In a recent interview discussing Labor Day Winslet said, “I know that I love my job. I f’n hate talking about how much I love my job because how can you talk about that without sounding really indulgent?”

Well, that’s alright Kate. Why not let your previous work speak for you? Here are five Winslet films that we really enjoyed that are currently streaming online:

1. Finding Neverland
Winslet takes on the role of Sylvia Llewelyn Davies whose four young sons inspired Scottish writer J.M. Barrie (Johnny Depp) to write the story of Peter Pan. The autobiographical movie tells us of Barrie’s friendship with the widowed Davies and how they influenced each other’s lives.

Watch Finding Neverland on Netflix.

2. Quills
Set in an insane asylum, this film is inspired by the writings of the Marquis de Sade, played by Geoffrey Rush. When we meet the Marquis, he’s in his later years and still writing away even though he’s been institutionalized. A laundress in the asylum (Winslet) helps him get his words out into the real world, sneaking pages to a publisher.

Watch Quills on Netflix.

3. Heavenly Creatures
In this unsuspecting film we meet two young girls, Juliet (Winslet) and Pauline (Melanie Lynskey), who are the best of mates. In this true story, the girls live in their own make-believe world, where it’s safe and filled with fun and lovely friends. Their alternative world becomes threatened when their parents think they are spending too much time together. The girls come up with a plan to keep things the way they are.

Watch Heavenly Creatures on Netflix.

4. The Life of David Gale
Kevin Spacey
plays the title role, a professor who is absolutely against capital punishment who ironically finds himself on death row after being accused of murder. Winslet steps into the story as a journalist who is interviewing Gale, trying to find out what really happened.

Watch The Life of David Gale on Instant.

5. Titanic
Two young travelers, Rose (Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio), meet and share a brief but epic romance on the doomed Titanic ocean liner. Director James Cameron intertwines fictional storytelling with true historical events.

Watch Titanic on Instant.

What’s on your playlist? 

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