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Dominic Cooper in The Devil’s Double poster. (Corsan)

Dominic Cooper stars as James Bond creator Ian Fleming in Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond, airing on BBC America on Wednesday, January 29 at 10pm est. It turns out Fleming led a life just as daring and sexually-fueled as Bond himself, falling into a life as a playboy spy and opening himself up to love. We’re looking forward to watching Cooper take on this dynamic role but while we wait, let’s take a peek at some of his earlier flicks:

1. The Devil’s Double
Based on a true story, Cooper plays Latif Yahia who is asked to stand in as Uday Hussein’s body double or his family’s life will be taken. Yahia does what he’s asked but all the while tries to figure out a way out, without putting his family in harm’s way. 

Watch The Devil’s Double on iTunes.

2. An Education
Cooper stars opposite fellow Brit Carey Mulligan and American actor Peter Sarsgaard in this memoir-turned-film about an exceptional young girl who has her eye set on Oxford University. Her plans are upset when she meets an older man by the name of David Goldman (Sarsgaard) who takes her into a very grown-up world, seducing her with freedom and new experiences. Cooper plays Goldman’s baby face best friend who knows things aren’t as they appear, but keeps it in his vest rather than warning her.

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3. The Escapist
Cooper is just one of many familiar faces making up the ensemble cast in this prison film including Brian Cox, Joseph Fiennes, Damian Lewis, Liam Cunningham, Steven Mackintosh, Stephen Farrelly and Seu Jorge. Cox plays a lifer in a London prison and with the help of a ragtag bunch he tries to make an escape to reunite with his daughter who is in a bad way. Cooper plays Cox’s new cellmate who attracts the attention of some not-so-nice guys.

Watch The Escapist on Netflix.

4. Captain America: The First Avenger
We meet Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) when he is rejected after trying to enlist in the U.S. armed services during WWII. He refuses to give up and ends up volunteering to be a part of a scientifically enhanced “super soldier” project. Cooper plays scientist Howard Stark. Notice the last name? Yep, that’s right … he’s Iron Man Tony Stark’s father-to-be.

Watch Captain America: The First Avenger on Netflix.

5. Dead Man Down
Colin Farrell
 and Cooper play modern-day gangsters in this NYC-based action thriller. Farrell’s character seeks revenge on a crime lord (Terrence Howard) who killed his wife and daughter. The taunting starts off psychological and then turns physical. Cooper plays Darcy who is caught in the middle since he’s loyal to both men.

Watch Dead Man Down on Netflix.

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By Brigid Brown