WATCH: Matt Smith’s Tearful Final Moments As The Doctor

Matt Smith: Fancy a hug?

Matt Smith: Fancy a hug?

It’s always fun to take a look behind the scenes on a Doctor Who shoot, not least because there are usually a few explosions, some outlandish sets and actors in strange costumes, with difficult dialogue to deliver, trying to find the emotional core of a character that has been rendered in plastic, rubber and computer-graphics.

This clip, however, is a very different affair. It’s the “The Time of the Doctor” behind the lens special, and amid the wooden Cyberman who is actually a woman, and the Whovian past of Clara’s gran, we see Matt Smith breaking down in tears as he delivers his final lines as the Doctor for the very first time. And again later on, after filming has wrapped.

Assuming you’ve already seen “The Time of the Doctor,” you’ll want to watch the whole thing, of course:

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