Steven Moffat: “Why Would We Make ‘Sherlock’ Into A Movie?”

'Hollywood? What on earth is that?" Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Mark Gatiss

‘Hollywood? What on earth is that?” Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Mark Gatiss

In the heirarchy of media, movies sit at the very top of the tree, just above TV, which is just above radio, which is just above books, which are just above magazines and newspapers, which are just above the internet (hello!).

So when you’re the co-creator of a hit TV show, it’s worth considering whether you’ll want to take your stars and your stories and create something special for the big screen.

This was the question put to Steven Moffat at a special screening of Sherlock’s third series at London’s BFI this week. Having already seen Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor” make the move from living room to multiplex with great success, did he think a Sherlock movie would be a good idea?

His reply, while respectful, cut to the heart of the matter: why?

He said: “We make films – we make three every 18 months!”

“If there was a really good reason [as to] why this story needs to be told in that way, then yes.

“There would have to be a significant reason why you’d do it. Films, for some reason, take much longer to make, so you would be reducing the amount of Sherlock you’re getting. So, I’m not sure.”

And in case you think that sounds like an equivocal position: “I don’t think there’s anything about cinema that outranks televison these days. After all, I can say that proudly because Doctor Who’s 50th was No.2 at the American box office with only limited distribution!”

Plus, isn’t there already a cinematic Sherlock franchise?

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