Punch & ‘Who’-dy: New Pics Emerge From ‘The Time Of The Doctor’

The puppet Doctor from 'The Time of the Doctor'

The puppet Doctor from ‘The Time of the Doctor’

The brilliant thing about forthcoming Doctor Who stories is that you can’t really tell what is going to happen just from looking at publicity photos. Oh sure, if there’s a surprise arrival from an old friend or enemy, that can be ruined. A shot of something irrevocable and key to the plot would be similarly spoiling, but, as you’ll see from the latest gallery of shots from this year’s Christmas special, “The Time of the Doctor,” there’s just so much that still needs explaining.

For example: how come the Doctor ends up as a Punch & Judy show (above)? And what is this fan art all about?

'The Time of the Doctor'

It’s tempting to assume this is something that happens quite early on, given that the TARDIS has clearly arrived in the middle of a Doctor Who Christmas special.

'The Time of the Doctor'

And then there’s a bit of scared villager action…'The Time of the Doctor'

And some running…

'The Time of the Doctor'

Something tells me we don’t really want to know what this is about…

'The Time of the Doctor'

And then all of a sudden we’re at home with the Cybermen.

'The Time of the Doctor'

Rise and shine!

'The Time of the Doctor'


The Daleks, meanwhile, have clearly already had their breakfast and are enjoying a morning shout.

'The Time of the Doctor'


This guy is more of a mime artist.

'The Time of the Doctor'

No, that’s not a lightsabre. Wrong franchise entirely.

'The Time of the Doctor'

So there we have it. You are now officially as clued-up about “The Time of the Doctor” as we are.

See you on Christmas Day!

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