Personality Quiz: Which British City Should You Move To?

You can't get much closer to the clock tower, 2003. (AP)

The London Eye and Big Ben, London. (AP)

Britain is, of course, blessed with many fine cities, from Truro in the south and west all the way up to Inverness in the north and east, but if we had to pick five, and then insist that you take a quiz to determine which one you should move to, and then insist (probably at gunpoint) that you act upon the findings of the quiz and uproot your entire family and take them thousands of miles across the Atlantic to a new life amid the smokey chimney pots, sarcastic newsagents and almost permanent rain, then this is the quiz we would use to do it with.

It would spoil things to explain which cities we’ve picked, just be honest, try as hard as you can, and see what happens. There are no wrong answers, although to be honest, some of them are pretty close.

Note: citizens of these fine cities should rest assured that very little science, interpolation or even perception has been used in the creation of this quiz. It is merely for larks.

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Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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