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‘Doctor Who’ Recap: ‘The Time of the Doctor’

Obvious note: Spoilers.

So, we’re out in space, spinning around an unimportant blue/green planet, surrounded by the combined armies of all of the terrifying space rotters there have ever been (and the Tereleptils). They’ve been drawn there by a mysterious …

First Look: ‘Paddington’ Poster

English author Michael Bond‘s beloved bear Paddington finds himself lost in London but he’s not alone, accompanied by the likes of Hugh Bonneville (Mr. Brown), Sally Hakwins (Mrs. Brown), Jim Broadbent (Mr.

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Eve of Destruction

We now have a day to go before the events at Trenzalore play out in full, the Doctor dies, his time-stream is left behind in the shattered remains of his TARDIS and yet he also somehow manages to regenerate and walk away a different …

Sunday Roast in a Bottle

We recently talked about a traditional Christmas English dinner found in a tin can and now it seems there’s a seasonal Welsh beer that is expected to smell and taste like a Roast dinner, reports the U.K. Express.