10 Great Benedict Cumberbatch Appearances

Benedict Cumberbatch (AP Images)

Benedict Cumberbatch (AP Images)

He may be the current No.1 choice for sour-faced British rotters in Hollywood (assuming Tom Hiddleston is otherwise engaged and Alan Rickman has a cold), but when it comes to promoting any of his latest projects, Benedict Cumberbatch all fun.

He can be relied upon to do pretty much anything, from impressions to puppet-work, songs to snarky comebacks. He makes being Benedict Cumberbatch look like the best job in the world and has the good grace to appear to be delighted that he’s the one who got the gig.

Here are ten examples:

The R. Kelly Moment

It’s fair to say this, from Jimmy Kimmel’s show, had something of an affect on certain portions of the Cumberbatch fanbase.

Why He Won’t Change His Name

Extra points for confusing Katie Couric with the diabolical use of an accent there.

Neutron Cream


Simon Pegg, you rotten, rotten swine.

That Comic Con Video

It would have been fun enough without the toy ending, frankly.

Punching Jeremy Clarkson In The Face


And then there are the impressions – OH THE IMPRESSIONS

This one is particularly good (and yes, that’s Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders giggling).

But it’s not all fun and games.

Here’s Benedict setting the stage for the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Frankly, there’s far too much for one roundup.

So let’s finish with another:

Incidentally, if you liked that R Kelly clip, you might be interested to know he got his own back:

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