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Tilda Swinton at the Museum of Modern Art: a Tribute to Tilda Swinton. (Photo: Sipa via AP Images)

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A Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit tribute to Tilda Swinton held this week coincided with her 53rd birthday. It was a big celebratory event with David Bowie and Ralph Fiennes among the co-chairs.

Swinton seemed genuinely pleased this glitzy gala was taking place on her birthday. “I had birthdays until I was nine, and I haven’t had a birthday since, so this is sort of making up for it,” she said.

She doesn’t appear preoccupied with her age. When asked whether or not she thinks she’s improving as a person—and as an actress—as she gets older she replies: “That’s an amazing question. I’m going to have it engraved and put on my fridge.”

When questioned about the birthday of another great British institution, Doctor Who, the actress explained she hadn’t watched it for a long time because she doesn’t have a television. But she is very familiar with it from tuning in decades ago. She says: “I can remember every frame of the Cybermen—long live the Doctor.”

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