‘Sherlock’ Composer Promises “More Epicness”

Benedict Cumberbatch. Dangerously epic already.

Benedict Cumberbatch. Dangerously epic already.

When it comes to building up excitement around a well-loved and soon-to-be-returnin TV show, Sherlock has played a blinder by getting the man who composes all the music to offer his take on the events that are about to be portrayed.

After all, a composer has to be at the heart of the story, has to represent everything that is happening emotionally, while using language which does not give away the plot or ruin any surprises.

So we should all offer our sincere thanks to Michael Price, film composer, for tweeting an artfully arranged crossed pair of batons, and explaining that as far as he is concerned, Season Three is all about three things: violins, emotion and enormity. Or, as he put it:

We now know nothing more about what is about to happen than we did five minutes ago, except tantalisation levels have reached dangerous new heights. What tears? Whose tears? How big is epic? And how many strings are we talking about exactly.

And the answer to these questions is the same as it always was: wait and see.

Sherlock returns to PBS on January 19.

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