Now THIS Is How You Announce A Comeback! #SherlockLives

Sherlock's hearse (Justin Sutcliffe/BBC)

Sherlock’s hearse (Justin Sutcliffe/BBC)

Never mind hanging the star of your show from a big crane in Trafalgar Square, when the producers of Sherlock wanted to make a fuss about the return of their show next year, they just hired a hearse, put the name of the programme and the transmission date in wreaths, a hashtag on the drivers window and set out for a drive around London.

It’s happening right now.

BBC One’s Twitter account even renamed itself #SherlockLives, just to further hammer the point home. And they’re live-tweeting the progress of the car as it drives around London.

Episode one of the new season is fittingly called “The Empty Hearse,” and will be transmitted on BBC One on January 1. Episode two, “The Sign of Three,” follows just four days later, and the whole season will be wrapped up for the Brits with “His Last Vow” on January 12.

Then, an agonizing seven days later, PBS picks up the baton.

Mark Gatiss—who wrote “The Empty Hearse”— had this to add:

And of course, everyone is just going to have to make do with this teaser trailer for now:

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