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Actor Lewis Collins Star of ‘The Professionals’ Dies at 67

A beloved British TV star, Lewis Collins, has died at the age of 67.

Collins, who played tough guy crime fighter William Bodie on The Professionals (1977-83), which aired on ITV, died on Nov. 27 in Los Angeles after being ill with cancer since 2008.

British Soap ‘Coronation Street’ Gets A New Home

It may be the longest-running soap opera in the world, but even ITV’s Coronation Street can’t halt the march of progress. The show, which has been running since 1960 and has broadcast over 8,000 episodes, has been filmed at …

‘Doctor Who’ A Hit At The U.S. Box Office

Over the Doctor Who 50th anniversary weekend, it’s fair to say the good Doctor “conquered the world”, in the words of head writer Steven Moffat. And one particular area upon which he hadn’t set his “sand …

Snapshot: 18 Photos of U.K. Statues

Statues may not speak but they have a lot to say, telling us stories of Great Britain past and present. And, even better, these statues you can look at (unlike this sorry lot)!