WATCH: Jimmy Fallon, Sir Paul McCartney Do an Accent Swap

Sir Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon switch accents in this 'Late Night' featurette. (Photo: NBC via YouTube)

Sir Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon switch accents in this ‘Late Night’ featurette. (Photo: NBC via YouTube)

We are living for this video today: Sir Paul McCartney appeared as the guest on last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new record (which is called New and comes out October 15). The Beatles legend mused on his friendship with Keith Richards and the fundamentals of songwriting, but the best bit was this backstage sketch in which he collided with Fallon, resulting in a Parent Trap-like accent swap. Watch:

Oh yeah, and if you didn’t know, Instagrammers, Sir Paul invented the “selfie”:

Whose accent is better, Jimmy’s or Sir Paul’s?

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