Snapshot: Photos of 8 Haunted Houses in London

Close to 25 percent of Britons claim to have had a run-in with a ghost, reports ABC News. It makes us wonder, are there more ghosts in the U.K. or more believers? English ghost hunter, Barri Ghai, has yet to gather “ultimate proof” but if it doesn’t happen before he passes, he plans to “come back” and give proof to someone else. Take a tour through these London houses, rumored to be haunted, with this snapshot of nine photos (if you dare):

50 Berkley, London

50 Berkley Square, Mayfair, Central London, is known as the “Most Haunted House” in London. (LFG)

Sutton House, Wiki Wiki What

The White Lady has been seen by guests in the halls of Sutton House, located in Hackney. (Wiki)

House of Finchley

Guests of Avenue House, in Finchley, have said they feel hands on them but no one is there. (AH)

Hendrix and Handel

In 2001 a priest was called to perform an exorcism at the Handel house, in Mayfair. (Wiki)

Highgate House

This real estate ad says this house in Highgate, in North London, is haunted. Quite a selling point! (TT)

The Queen's House, Flickr

A snap of the staircase at the Queen’s House, in Greenwich, revealed two hauntly beings. (Flickr)

Tower of London

Anne Boleyn is said to be one of many spirits haunting the Tower of London, in Central London. (Wiki)


Media flocked to this home, located in the London borough of Enfield, when it was taken over by poltergeist. (AP)

Are you a believer? 

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