WATCH: Steven Moffat And The Two Doctors

David Tennant, Steven Moffat and Peter Davison at the TV Choice Awards 2013

David Tennant, Steven Moffat and Peter Davison at the TV Choice Awards 2013

Y’know how, if you talk to a certain breed of Whovian about the delight of watching Doctor Who, and accidentally refer to the Doctor as “Doctor Who,” as if he’s the medical scion of an ancient Gallifreyan family of Whos, and they suddenly look a little pained and a little winded and very angrily point out that his name is not Doctor Who but the Doctor and that Doctor Who is just the title of the show and a clever way to introduce the mysterious nature of the man himself AS ANY FOOL KNOWS?

You might enjoy this speech, in which Steven Moffat accepts a special achievement award on behalf of Doctor Who at the TV Choice awards, over a week ago. Not least because there are guest appearances from two Doctors, and a reference to two more, and what does he call ALL of them?

Also, how do you suppose you’d go about getting an invite to one of those Sunday lunches?

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