Snapshot: 25 Photos of 1960s London

The Sixties was such a creative time in London with Beatlemania raging, Ian Fleming‘s James Bond making it to the big screen in 1962 and the first episode of Doctor Who airing in 1963. Have you ever wondered what it was like living in London during the 1960s? This photo album walks you through the streets as they appeared at that time:

Politics: Voting 1960

An airman posts his mail, 1960. Looks like he just stepped out of the TARDIS. (AP)

Lord Snowdon; Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Margaret waits patiently under an umbrella, 1960. (AP)

Great Britain London Cecil Beaton

Photographer Cecil Beaton strolls through Kensington, 1960. (AP)

Great Britain London Snow Hits Traffic

Passersby help a stranded car in the snow, 1960. (AP)


It’s a triple threat — black cab, double decker bus and minicab, 1961. (AP)

President John Kennedy                  England

President John F. Kennedy drives through Grosvenor Square, 1961. (AP)


The double decker buses light up the London fog, 1962. (AP)

England Cricket Oval Queue

People queue up for a cricket match at 7:30 am, 1962. (AP)


Brits love their snow and use it to celebrate the new year, 1962. (AP)


Elizabeth Taylor takes a break in her native city, 1963. (AP)

Scotland Yard     British  Police

Two men ride their bicycles through the car park of Scotland Yard, 1964. (AP)

Great Britain London Lena Horne Leicester Square

A young boy glances at American actress Lena Horne, 1964. (AP)

Davies Avory Quaife

The Kinks are all over that double decker bus, 1964. (AP)


Pedestrians barely notice The Beatles running into the Asprey, 1965. (AP)


A young woman takes a walk on her lunch break in Chelsea, 1966. (AP)

Oxford Street UK 1966

Pedestrians stroll the bus lined Oxford Street, 1966. (AP)

Sir Christopher Wren’s monument was erected to preserve the memory of the great London fire in 1666, 1966. (AP)

This monument was erected in memory of the great London fire of 1666, 1966. (AP)

Cash Harman

Fashion designer Angela Cash takes a back seat to her model driver, 1966. (AP)

Mann Carries Picasso 1967

Actor David Mann carries a pricey Picasso after purchasing it at Sotheby’s, 1967. (AP)


A window view of Carnaby Street, 1967. (AP)


Drivers make their way around Piccadilly Circus, 1968. (AP)

England London Kings Road 1968

Shoppers bustle down King’s Road in Chelsea, 1968. (AP)

England Tourists in Kings Road

A pedestrian on King’s Road takes out his camera for a snap, 1968. (AP

A bunch of mates frollick in the fountain on New Year's Eve, 1968. (AP)

A gaggle of boys frollic in the fountain on New Year’s Eve, 1968. (AP)


St. Paul’s Cathedral is perfectly framed by Fleet Street, 1969. (AP)

Do you have any stories form 1960s London?