Royal Roundup: Not Yet Born, Royal Baby Already Has Travel Plans

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince Harry at Trooping the Colour this past June for the Queen's birthday.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince Harry at Trooping the Colour this past June for the Queen’s birthday. (Photo via AP)

Contrary to some recent rumors, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has not as of this posting gone into labor, so we (and plenty of others worldwide) are still patiently and excitedly awaiting the royal baby. But there is news to share. The royal child will accompany his or her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on a trip to Australia and New Zealand in spring 2014, reports Style List. Prince William also accompanied his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, on a tour of the two countries when he was nine months old.

  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have sent the Duke and Duchess a faux-sheepskin blanket, toy giraffe, and vegan hamper to celebrate the royal child’s impending birth. PETA UK’s associate director, said: “Using a cruelty-free baby blanket is a wonderful way to start a lifetime of compassion. We hope PETA’s gift to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will inspire other parents to set an example of kindness for their families by choosing compassionately created items for their children,” reports International Business Times.
  • The media has been set up across from St. Mary’s Hospital for a while now, waiting for their chance to cover the royal birth once the Duchess goes into labor. After a number of days of waiting already, it seems they’ve become restless. Buzzfeed chronicles how the media is spending their time waiting across from the hospital.
  • Many cultures offer gifts to a family when a child is born. BBC takes a look at some “traditional and unusual presents” from all over the globe in anticipation of the impending birth of the royal baby.
  • Conjecture continues with respect to the royal child’s name. BBC watches the odds on some favorite contenders for the royal baby name, as well as some long-shots. You can watch more about it below.

  • London Marriott Hotel is offering royal baby showers to expectant mothers. The afternoon tea takes place in the regal suite and features a private butler and champagne. A minimum of ten guests are required for a party in the room with scenic views of Big Ben and the House of Parliament, and parties are available until July 28.
  • E! Online offers a list of things the Duchess, and any other expectant mother, might want to pack when they go to the hospital to deliver their child. Make a list, check it twice!