How To Dress Like Clara Oswin Oswald

Oswin Oswald (Oven gloves and pinny a must)

Oswin Oswald (Oven gloves and pinny a must)

Ladies, congratulations, if you’re considering attending Comic-Con and cosplaying Clara, you have hit the jackpot! It’s entirely possibly for you to stroll up, dolled up to the nines in your perfectly accurate cosplay costume of a fantasy character, looking amazing, and then go off and attend parties afterwards without succumbing to latex heat exhaustion.

Also, Clara’s wardrobe is astonishingly varied. I mean if you wanted to go to Comic-Con as a Sontaran, chances are you’ll meet someone with the same gear on as you (or a bald man in a turtleneck, same difference), but go as Clara, and you can pick from ‘Hide’ Clara, ‘Journey To The Centre of the TARDIS’ Clara, ‘The Snowmen’ Clara (red or blue), the possibilities are, well, not quite endless, but then again, not exactly endful either.

So, just to try and gather things together a bit, here’s a selection of Clara outfits for you to use as basic templates for your cosplay adventures. The common threads are: brunette, cheekbones, arms folded, black pantyhose, boots, red and blue (and burgundy and navy).

Clara and the Oswinettes

Clara and the Oswinettes

That’s not even the half of it, there’s also:

The "Oom Pa Pa" Collection

The “Oom Pa Pa” Collection

And this is what I call the ‘Nice Frock Catalogue’

More Claras

They are nice though.

So, without meaning to be unduly vague, if you want to dress like Clara, pick a look, get some decent tights and have at it!

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