Five Questions You Should Definitely Ask Steven Moffat At Comic-Con

Steven Moffat at Comic-Con 2012. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Steven Moffat at Comic-Con 2012. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

It’s just been confirmed that Team Sherlock will be attending San Diego Comic-Con this month. Sadly – and I do hate to break the news this brutally – this does not include Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman, probably because Benedict has a further umpteenty-neuf projects to complete in the next hour, or something.

However, Steven Moffat will be there, as will Mark Gatiss, and Sue Vertue, and this opens up the opportunity, in the hallowed forum of a Q&A session, to put some fairly ultimate inquiries before the panel.

With that it mind, it might be worth taking a second to consider the kind Qs you want Aed, and, for that matter, the kind of Qs that are unlikely to be Aed until the show returns, because the As to those Qs would leave the triumphant return of the show (or other, related shows) in tatters.

Here, for example, are five questions that are unlikely to get a satisfactory response. Ask them, by all means, but don’t expect much more than a charming rebuttal.

1: How did Sherlock jump off that building and not die?

2: Is Benedict Cumberbatch going to be the next Doctor Who?*

2: (supplemental) Is Martin Freeman/Andrew Scott/Lara Pulver/Una Stubbs going to be the next Doctor Who?

3: Who IS going to be the next Doctor Who?

4: So, like, is that Moriarty dude really dead, or what?

5: Who would win in a logic-off between Sherlock Holmes and Sheldon Cooper?

Note: I’d be tempted to try No.5 and see what happens. My money’s on the fella in the deerstalker.

* This would be worth doing just for the sharp intake of breath from outraged Whovians and the rhubarb rumble of people muttering “the show’s name is Doctor Who, the character’s name is the Doctor” in outraged tones, under their breath.

EDIT: Also, if you’ve not seen Benedict Cumberbatch hates liquids, you’re missing a treat.

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