Evan Rachel Wood and Husband Jamie Bell Tweet Excitement Over Newborn Son

Evan Rachel Wood glows on the red carpet. (AP)

Evan Rachel Wood glows on the red carpet. (AP)

American actress Evan Rachel Wood (True Blood; Running with Scissors) and husband English actor Jamie Bell (Filth; Billy Elliot) are thrilled to welcome their baby son into the world. The couple has yet to announce the name of the baby but they were keen to share their news with the Twittersphere.

Wood dedicated the “song of the day” to celebrate her lil’ guy:

Bell wasn’t shy to give his wife a deserved pat on the back for her hard work:

Leading up to the birthdate, Wood asked a poignant question: 

As well, she gave us a giggle with the logistics of pregnancy:

Waiting is one of the hardest parts, especially as you get closer to the due date:

While the couple has shared their excitement, they still value their privacy:

Congrats guys!!