WATCH: Gerard Butler, WHAT Are You Doing?

Gerard Butler loosens his belt on 'Wetten Dass'

Gerard Butler loosens his belt on ‘Wetten Dass’

If it were not for the existence of this clip, I would have assumed the contents of this blog post were just the events from a crazy dream about a German TV show, Gerard Butler with a bucketful of ice down his boxer shorts while a man cracks a line of walnuts with his bum.

Actually, it’s not, as you will see from this clip, an extract from the dares and challenges TV show Wetten Dass (trans: Bet That) on Saturday night. Having watched the show’s host Markus Lanz risk his own coccyx by smashing those walnuts, he gamely has a go himself, before, well I’m not sure words will justice to what happens next:

Do you know the weirdest thing? We already predicted this would happen, sort of. Back in July 2011 we wrote about the greeting how’s yer bum for cracking walnuts?, a Scots or Northern Irish way of saying hi, how are you?.

At no point did it seem like an actual challenge, but then TV is a strange place.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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