Monthly Archives: June 2013

WATCH: Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg Explain “The Non-Trilogy”

Did Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have a trilogy in mind when first writing Shaun of the Dead? The pair sat down to talk about how the Cornetto Trilogy came about.

Lost In Translation: Just Who IS John Mayer Anyway?

The internet is full of people who like to parade their ignorance as if it is somehow a blessing in disguise. They’ll shout about how they don’t watch certain TV shows or listen to certain music or go and see certain movies, …

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: A Message From Mr. Smith

It’s that time of the week again, and, really, the biggest and loveliest thing that has happened in the Whoniverse over the last seven days is this beautiful little video from Matt Smith.

WATCH: Idris Elba Inspires Humanity In A New ‘Pacific Rim’ Trailer

Guillermo Del Toro’s dystopic science fiction punch-up Pacific Rim is rumbling towards American cinemas with the sure and colossal stride of one of those massive robots in the movie. There have been trailers, much has been made of …

10 British TV Actors Posing as Americans

There’s a number of British actors putting their infectious accent on the shelf and donning American personas for our viewing pleasure. Let’s take a peek at British actors currently on American TV:

WATCH: Action Man Jason Statham: ‘I’m Not Trying to Emulate Daniel Day-Lewis’

Jason Statham isn’t always the easiest man to interview. He certainly doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but he seemed in a relaxed amiable mood this week in New York holding forth on his new action thriller Redemption which opens …

Five Fascinating Things About the Town of Wimbledon

As it’s the first day of the Wimbledon tennis tournament today, it seems a choice moment to have a wander through the back-lanes, greenery and ancient history of the London suburb that shares its name, and find out some …

WATCH: Kate Nash on ‘Girl Talk,’ Feminism and Kim Kardashian

If you’re looking for the radio-friendly Kate Nash who sang her debut smash “Foundations” — the aggrieved heroine whose boyfriend vomited on her trainers, amongst other indignities — you will only find …

Happy, Happy!: It’s a Big Week for British Birthdays

Grab a party hat and noisemaker, please, and join us.  Here at Anglophenia, we’re kicking off a new weekly feature running on Mondays in which we highlight the birthdays of well-known Brits.

Is Professor Richard Dawkins Taking Crazy Pills?

Professor Richard Dawkins is a rum old cove, isn’t he? Travelling the world poking cold fun at spiritual belief systems and impatiently explaining why everyone is wrong, it’s rare that he gets the chance to cut loose and …