Alex Kingston: “I Knew Matt Was Going To Leave”

River Song

Alex Kingston

Last night, Alex Kingston appeared on the BBC teatime chat smorgasbord The One Show, to talk about working with Kenneth Branagh, as he’s co-directing (and starring in) a production of Macbeth in which she plays Lady Macbeth. But of course, things have happened recently in her other line of work – appearing as River Song that is, she’s not a receptionist in a boutique – and during a brief chat about Doctor Who, Alex revealed that she’d had a conversation with Matt Smith about his plan to leave the show, and was not surprised when the announcement came.

It seems that when you’re a Doctor, knowing the the show is unlikely to stop when you leave, and that it’s best not to outstay your welcome, you do tend to have a clock ticking in the back of your mind, almost as soon as the regeneration glow has faded.

She said: “I knew that at some stage you have to move on, and we did discuss when would be the right time in a young actor’s career, if they were very associated with a particular role. You have to move on, otherwise it becomes very difficult because you get typecast.”

And she raised one slight objection to the idea of Dame Helen Mirren becoming the Doctor, saying, with regret, “I don’t think I could kiss her, y’know…”

Here’s her appearance in full:

Incidentally, if you want to see more old Alex Kingston clips, check out her Life Outside The TARDIS

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