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WATCH: British Filmmaker Puts Focus on Gay Rights in Uganda

There may have been landmark Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage in the U.S., but for one British denizen of New York the focus has been on gay rights thousands of miles away in Africa.

‘Doctor Who': A Companion To The Sixth Doctor

For a huge variety of reasons that it’s probably best not to linger on here, the years during which Colin Baker played the irascible Sixth Doctor were not uniformly happy ones for his character or for Doctor Who.

Brit Binge Watching: Five Classics You Can View on Netflix

Last week we took a peek at The Criterion Collection classics available on Why stop there?

QUIZ: Which ‘Sherlock’ Character Are You?

There is not one of us that hasn’t watched Sherlock and wondered what we would do if we were faced with the sort of taxing intellectual dilemmas that commonly occur on the show – two identical pills, one poison, one not, …

Maggie Gyllenhaal Gets Her British On in UK TV Role

We recently did a post on British actors portraying Americans. Well, it goes both ways.

Say Hello To ‘Elementary’s New Mycroft Holmes

The glorious thing about there being so many different versions of Sherlock Holmes doing the rounds at the moment is that you get to see how each production sees the same characters, and which actors they’ve wheeled in to flesh …

10 British Things About Boston

We’re making our way through the map and have landed in New England. Let’s check out some British goings-ons in Boston, MA:

PHOTOS: Elizabeth Taylor’s First Wedding Dress Sold at Auction

Actress Elizabeth Taylor was a woman who loved love and had multiple marriages, eight to be exact.

‘The Sun’ Editor David Dinsmore: “Page 3 Stays” … Including Topless Women

Part of England’s charm has always been its adherence to tradition. Consider the supporting evidence: the royal family, the guards at Buckingham palace, the inability of a Brit to win a singles’ title at Wimbledon (the last was …

Are British Actors Better Trained Than Their American Counterparts?

At the recent red carpet premiere of the hit Superman reboot Man of Steel, Anglophenia’s Tom Brook asked the film’s British star Henry Cavill a pointed question: why are America’s iconic trio of superheroes all played …