WATCH: ‘He Said, She Said’ – A ‘Name Of The Doctor’ Prequel

Clara and the Doctor in 'He Said She Said'

Clara and the Doctor in ‘He Said She Said’

This came out over the weekend, amid all the excitement of the BAFTAs and Daleks on the red carpet, and it’s worth making a fuss about, so consider this a suitably fuss-filled moment.

“He Said She Said” is a neat little summation of where Clara and the Doctor are at as we head into the Season Seven finale – “The Name Of The Doctor.”

Of course, as you watch it, you’ll realise that it’s not strictly speaking a prequel, given that both characters have seen and done things on Trenzalore that affect what they’re talking about here. It might be a prequel to us, and something of an appetite whetter too, but not for them.

What we need is a word like prequel that describes something that comes AFTER a thing. Is there a word like that?

Got it! POSTquel.

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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