The Simpsons go to Downton Abbey

Where do The Simpsons end and Downton Abbey begins? (Screen Shot)

Where does The Simpsons end and Downton Abbey begin? (Screen Shot)

The pixels were barely dry on P. Diddy’s parody video of Downton Abbey before a new one popped up on YouTube, this time featuring those paragons of elegance and gracious living, the Simpsons.

The video is a promo spot for The Simpsons, the long-running, animated Fox TV show now in its 25th season.

The spoof parodies the familiar opening of the hit British TV show only, instead of offering glimpses of the Crawleys and their servants amidst the magnificence of Downton Abbey and the English countryside, the video shows Homer, Marge and the kids in their humble abode in Springfield, Anywhere, U.S.A.

All the familiar Simpsons’ signposts are there, from doughnuts to misbehaving small fry. At the end of the spot, as Homer arrives back at his residence after walking the family dog, he asks that all encompassing existential question, “How did we get here?”

Take a look:

Who is less of a fuddy-duddy, Robert Crawley or Homer Simpson?