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Frances Barber and Mark Gatiss in 'Psychobitches'
Frances Barber and Mark Gatiss in 'Psychobitches'
Frances Barber and Mark Gatiss in ‘Playhouse Presents… Psychobitches’

Yep, you read that picture caption correctly. The Joan Crawford on the right there is indeed Mark Gatiss – Mycroft Holmes from Sherlock, among a great many other things. He’s appearing a new show on Sky Arts, as  part of their Playhouse Presents strand. And it languishes under the astonishing title “Psychobitches.”

The (possibly slightly irreverent) idea is that these two are visiting a psychologist, played by The Thick of It‘s Rebecca Front, and of course they don’t really get along, and soon end up arguing over which of them has the more legendary status.

The psychologist is also visited by other notably unhappy women from history, including a neurotic Sylvia Plath (played by Julia Davis), the squabbling Bronte sisters (Katy Brand, Selina Griffiths and Sarah Solemani), an imperious Eva Peron (Sharon Horgan) and a Margot Fonteyn (Sheila Reid) that can’t seem to accept the passing of the years. 

But these are mere details, information about an interesting television show. All well and good, and it does look very good, but we’re basically just here to say “OMG! MARK GATISS IN A DRESS! ET CETERA!”

But if you do want to find out more, the details are on the Sky Arts website.  

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By Fraser McAlpine