Brit Binge Watching: Five Sci-Fi Dramas You Can View Online


What would you want your special power to be? (E4)

Are you geared up for the Season 7 finale of Doctor Who airing this Saturday, May 18 at 8pm Eastern? If you’re all in a tizzy and can’t sit still, then maybe these other sci-fi dramas will keep you busy until then?

1. Misfits
Five teenagers, who got into the trouble with the law, are thrown together after being put to community service. The group is exposed to an electrical storm and soon realize they each have special powers. Well, except the mouthy one, Nathan (Robert Sheehan).

Misfits on Hulu. 

2. Survivors
The world’s population is nearly wiped out when a plague is accidentally released. A handful of people struggle to stay alive as they come to the realization they are the last of an entire civilization.

Survivors on Netflix. 

3. The Tomorrow People
This 1973 sci-fi show revolves around children who go through a “breaking out” process and become people of tomorrow with special abilities like telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation.

The Tomorrow People on Netflix. 

4. Crime Traveller
Scientist Holly Turner (Chloe Annett) finds herself with a time machine after her inventor father passes away. She tempts her own fate by using it to fight crime using her ability to travel to the past.

Crime Traveller on Netflix.

5. Eleventh Hour
Patrick Stewart stars in this 4-part series as former physics professor Ian Hood. The show borders “science based” and science fiction with Stewart’s character investigating disastrous events ranging from cloning to miraculous recoveries.

Eleventh Hour on Netflix. 

What’s on your watch list?