BAFTA Celebrates 50 Years Of ‘Doctor Who’

Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman on 'Doctor Who' (Photo: BBC AMERICA)

Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman (Photo: BBC AMERICA)

This weekend it’s the BAFTA Television Awards, hosted by Graham Norton. And, in recognition of 50 years of wonderment, 50 years of hiding behind soft furnishings, and 50 years of providing a LOT of work for British TV actors – whether in alienskin suits or not – there will be a special tribute to Doctor Who during the ceremony.

Jenna-Louise Coleman will also be on hand, to present an award. That’s if there are any awards left to present, as there will also be two Daleks patrolling the red carpet, and we all know what glory hogs they can be.

The announcement came via the BAFTA website this morning, with Amanda Berry OBE – BAFTA’s chief executive – explaining why they felt compelled to mark the 50th anniversary in this way:

“There are only a handful of programmes that have the quality and longevity of Doctor Who and the ability to put the nation on their sofas – or indeed behind them – year after year. BAFTA raises a toast to Doctor Who on its 50th birthday this year.”

Steven Moffat added: “This is a massive and exciting year for Doctor Who, so I’m thrilled that BAFTA are including a special tribute to the show. So thrilled, in fact, we’re sending the Doctor’s best friend, Jenna Coleman, to present an award.

“We’re also sending the Doctor’s worst enemy, the Daleks, to exterminate lots of innocent people. Sorry, it’s just what they do. Let us know if it’s a Health and Safety issue.”

The British Academy Television Awards take place at the Royal Festival Hall, London, on Sunday 12 May.

Fraser McAlpine

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