WATCH: Emma Watson Speaks, In Full-Length ‘The Bling Ring’ Trailer

Emma Watson (center) in The Bling Ring

Emma Watson (center) in The Bling Ring

It must be frustrating to be in the middle of making a movie about a group of fame-dazzled youngsters taking on a crime-spree – especially one featuring actors that are known primarily for taking part in a huge franchise aimed at teenagers and under – only to discover there’s another movie that does broadly the same thing, and theirs is coming out first.

That’s the problem faced by Sofia Coppola as she prepares for the release of The Bling Ring. She’s got Emma Watson playing a sexy, self-centred member of a real-life gang of LA thieves, who robbed from the rich – Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan – but kept everything for themselves, and only really targeted those people because they are famous. It’s a slightly different tale to that of Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, which is far more shooty and less clothesy, but does feature Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical, Ashley Benson from Days of our Lives and Selena Gomez from Witches of Waverly Place in bikinis, basically screaming “LOOK! WE’RE ALL GROWN UP NOW!”

There again,  Spring Breakers does not have a line as breathtakingly self-absorbed as Emma’s “…karma” speech, as seen in this new trailer:

It’s the first time we’ve seen any of the characters speak – the first trailer was largely just show, leaving the tell for later – and providing there’s still an audience out there for a teen crime drama that features previously wholesome actresses doing unwholesome things, The Bling Ring will probably prove to be the more lasting cultural statement…

…until [insert name of current wholesome teen star] announces plans to remake [insert name of sleazy exploitation movie], at any rate.

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