10 Great British Bands Get Shredded

(Pic courtesy of http://thehighnotedotnet.com/)

(Pic courtesy of thehighnotedotnet)

Let’s not spoil this with too much talk. Suffice to say there are 10 videos here, featuring some of the greatest musicans that Britain has produced. Only, they don’t really sound all that magnificent here. Quite the reverse, in fact.


I want to break free!

Iron Maiden

Run to the hills!


Is everything in its right place?


Time is running out!

Led Zeppelin

Communication breakdown?

Dire Straits

Money for nothing.

Judas Priest

Some heads are gonna roll.

The Cure


The Who



Def Leppard

I suppose a rock’s out of the question?

Fraser McAlpine

Fraser McAlpine

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