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Star Trek, Benedict, FINAL

You’ll be sure and tell us when you’ve had enough of watching Benedict Cumberbatch look hate-filled and withering in trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness, won’t you? Because I don’t think we’re quite there yet.

In fact, there’s a point mid-way through this latest trailer – which builds on the sterling work the second one did in establishing Benedict’s John Harrison as the baddy with the doomiest voice since Darth Vader lost his asthma inhaler – where we go from portentious movie trailer bangs and crashes into a Cumberbatch voiceover, and that’s when things get REALLY tense:

And this is just one day after a ton of character posters was revealed, and that was a day after a new TV spot came out. Basically, May 17 can’t come quickly enough.

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By Fraser McAlpine