Tea And Fish Fingers With Matt Smith

The Doctor replaces Captain Birdseye

The Doctor replaces Captain Birdseye

Some of this may read a little like a publicity stunt, and that’s because essentially it IS a publicity stunt, but a good one.

So, as you all know, yesterday was Fish Fingers and Custard day, a chance for everyone to get together and celebrate Doctor Who, via the time-honored traditions of the breaking of the fish finger, and the dipping into the custard.

(Note for non-Whovians: you’re not dreaming, this is really happening.)

And to celebrate the hallowed event formally (according to The Grocer), Birds Eye issued  a special edition pack of their cod fish fingers yesterday, with the face of Matt Smith replacing their figurehead Captain Birdseye. You can see him in the picture above, and here’s how the box looks normally:

Bird's Eye fish fingers

Sadly, none of us are going to be able to get our hands on a pack, as there was only one box made, and it was sent to Matt himself, together with a year’s supply of fish fingers (and, horrifically, no custard).

And thinking about it, how many fish fingers is a year’s supply going to be? About 40? You can’t eat them every day, after all. They’re for special occasions only.

And they certainly won’t have been on the menu when Matt met Victoria Wood to be interviewed on her new chatty-type show Victoria Wood’s Nice Cup Of Tea.

Here’s the BBC One trailer:

And still no custard.

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Fraser McAlpine

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