15 Great British Tribute Band Names, And One We Made Up



There’s a definite knack to naming a tribute band: Ideally you’d want a devilishly-clever pun on the band’s name (or at a push, their most famous song or album title), but it has to be one that also explains that you’re definitely a tribute band and not the real thing, so that anyone coming to see you will have a good idea of what to expect.

And if this were one of those listicles that wanted to display its findings in some kind of chart rundown, there could only be one winner, the astonishingly efficiently-titled Not The Hoople.

But it’s not, it’s just a list. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to try and work out which one is the real fake, without resorting to Google:

Antarctic Monkeys
Wouldn’t it be great if they kept the polar theme going all the way through the act? “I Bet That You Look Good On The Permafrost,” “A Certain Snowmance,” er, and, y’know, other song titles in the same vein.

Blackest Sabbath
For those times when Black Sabbath just aren’t black enougnh.

Where you go to if you want to have a Coldplay.

The Counterfeit Stones
Almost as perfect a name as Not The Hoople.

Deft Leppard
Much more useful than a def one.

Camp David
Yes, he’s a Bowie tribute act. Of course he is!

Forged Harrison
Everything from “Shamthing” to “All Things Must Pass (Inspection)”

J’Amy Winehouse
Because we do love her, even in French.

Kaiser Thiefs
Sample song: “I Just Nicked A Riot”


Sean Connery’s
favourite band.

One Step Behind
Where Madness lead, others follow.

The Police Academy
They can do “Synchronicity,” “Synchronicity II,” “Synchronicity 3: Back In Training” etc

The joke here is that they are similar to Razorlight, but likeable.

Surely Bassey
Apparently not, no.

Only available in mono.

A pretty good gag name, one that would be elevated to the peak of glory if the band were populated by U2’s road-crew.

So, which of these fake acts has been invented? Tell us here:


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