WATCH: The Doctor Finds His Coat

The Doctor Changes

The Doctor Changes

One of the great unsung joys of Doctor Who is the bit where he goes for a rummage in the TARDIS to find some new clothes, and you realise he’s spent quite a lot of the last 1,000-odd years picking up bits and bobs – everything from space cummerbunds to an Elizabethan ruff – from all over history.

It’s a scene most often played out after a regeneration, because that’s when his entire personality has been reborn and that includes his sense of style. However, there are times when a Time Lord needs a new look, just to put a bit of pep in his step, and what with everything the Eleventh Doctor has been through recently, now appears to be one of those times.

However, it does help if you start from the right place, as this new clip from The Bells of Saint John amply demonstrates:

And while we’re on the topic, here’s a nice compilation of some of those other rummaging moments, which, it has to be said also includes a fair amount of Time Lord vanity:

Not that I’m having a pop, the very least thing you’d expect someone of the Doctor’s unique capabilities to be is cocky.

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