WATCH: ‘Life’s Too Short’ Ends With An Easter Special

Warwick Davies and Val Kilmer in the Life's Too Short Easter Special

Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer in the ‘Life’s Too Short’ Easter Special

The story so far: fresh from the barnstorming success of their previous mockumentaries The Office and Extras, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant wrote a sitcom based around Warwick Davis. It features celebrity cameos, just like Extras, and embarrassing behaviour brought about by the presence of a camera in the room, just like The Office (and The Office US, and Modern Family, and Parks And Recreation, and Angry Boys, and every other mockumentary since).

It also features quite a lot of gags at the expense of Warwick’s height, which is fine because he’s not playing a very nice version of himself. The subtlety of this message gets a bit lost, possibly because laughing at a man of small stature struggling to reach a doorbell, or falling out of a car, does not depend on his personality.

Anyway, the show does not find the same enormous audience as its illustrious forebears, despite some awards nominations, and so, to round the story off, a final hour-long special is commissioned, with a Val Kilmer cameo, which will be broadcast on March 30th in the UK.

HBO, who were reported to be backing the special in January, have yet to publicise a broadcast date.

Here’s the BBC One trailer:

And look! Les Dennis is in his pants again.

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