The TARDIS Lands In Florida, Full Of Soda

TARDIS vending machine

TARDIS vending machine

There’s a comic shop in Orlando, Florida, called Epic Comics, and the people who run it are clearly geniuses or magi or mageniuses or something. They have manage to convince the actual TARDIS to land in their shop, and in order to blend in with its immediate surroundings (that chameleon circuit finally kicks in), it has become a soda vending machine.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking it’s clearly still just the real TARDIS, because it’s a big blue box with, like, ‘police box’ written on the outside and Time Lord fingerprints on the door handles. Well you’d be wrong, because look, you can actually put money in the slot and press the buttons, and get a soda.

TARDIS vending machine buttons

If you want Sprite, you press the current Doctor’s face. The Tenth Doctor will get you Pepsi, and the Ninth will get you Coke. Pressing the button with the Eighth Doctor’s face on gets you Diet Coke, and the Fourth Doctor is Mountain Dew.

TARDIS vending machine

And naturally they never ever run out of stock, and why, Epic Comics?

“Because it’s bigger on the inside.”

See more pics at the Epic Comics website. 

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