Sophie Lowe Cast in ‘Once Upon a Time’ Spin-Off

Can you see her as Alice from Alice in Wonderland? (JJ)

Can you see her as Alice from Alice in Wonderland? (JJ)

Once Upon a Time, the fantasy-drama series based on fairy tale characters who are transported to modern day unbeknownst to them, is spinning off into a second show called Once Upon a Time: Wonderland, reports

English-born Australian actress Sophie Lowe (Two Mothers) has been cast in the lead role Alice. Yep, as-in Alice in Wonderland. That Alice. Prior to this casting, most of Lowe’s work was based in Australia. So, she may be new to you with this being her American breakout role.

Fellow Brit Michael Socha (Being Human) has been cast opposite Lowe as the Knave of Hearts. His character is described as a “loner” and a “heart-breaker”. The original story by Lewis Carroll didn’t have a romantic plot but it is television.

The pilot will be filmed in Vancouver, CA. It’s reported that the 13-episode series will be self-contained, similar to American Horror Story, with a beginning, middle and end all in one season. That’s nice of them to tidy it all up for us.

If you’re not familiar with the ABC program, here is the trailer for the original Once Upon a Time:

Do you like this self-contained story format?